The Life Sciences and Washington: Politics, Policy, and a Fragmented Future

With an ever-changing political climate and the promulgation of new laws and regulations all the time, it can be difficult for life sciences companies to know what’s going on in Washington and how it affects their businesses and bottom lines. In this month’s webinar, long-time life sciences lobbyist, Jeffrey J. Kimbell, will provide a rundown of current Hill happenings that matter most to drug and device companies, as well as a prediction for what life sciences companies can expect in the upcoming policy cycles.

​​This webinar will address:

  • The current political composition of Congress and the new faces of the 113th Congress
  • Preview of the 2014 and 2016 elections
  • The future regulatory environment life sciences companies can expect

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Crowdfunding: Two Roads Lead to Funding for Biotech Researchers and Fledgling Companies

Speakman Speaks on Biotechnology

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Source: Alex Philippidis, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (4/17/2013)

Poliwogg eyes biopharma startups seeking millions; Microryza connects donors to researchers needing thousands.

A year has passed since President Barack Obama enacted a law intended to spark business growth by encouraging “crowdfunding” of startups. Much of the law remains to be implemented, but that hasn’t stopped crowdfunding sites Poliwogg and Microryza from employing different models toward raising money for biopharmas and researchers, respectively.

This month, Poliwogg is launching its platform, focusing on helping fund small- and mid-sized companies in biopharma and other “healthcare” specialties, as well as in community-based businesses and projects, and portfolios of high-yielding investment-grade assets…

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